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Release your caged merchandise!
Allow customers to shop freely!



2 Alarm Attack Spider Wrap


2 Alarm Attack Spider Wrap Mini


3 Alarm Attack Spider Wrap


Increase Sales!

Shoppers tend to make buying decisions much quicker when they can freely interact with merchandise on display. This leads to increased revenues.


Spider wrap products have been proven to deter theft. With innovation technology such as 2 Alarm & 3 Alarm and with 3 diffrent size options you can securely display most packaged merchandise out in the open.

Protect the Shopping Experience!

Locking merchandise behind cages or glass cabinets punishes 98% of those customers in your store who are honest and looking to make a purchase. They want to access merchandise at their convenience. Putting product out in the open helps the shopping experience.

Still not convinced? Try It for yourself. Free 30 day trial. Click here for free trial.


© Halo Metrics Inc. Spider Wrap is an EAS compatible solution that allows you to openly and securely display merchandise on the sales floor.